Redefine Smart Coffee Table

Built with refrigerator, Bluetooth speakers, glowing LED table top, wireless charging, Google voice assistant, and more.

* Super Early Bird Starts from $299

* Launching on 18th July.

* Limited Seats. First Come, First Served.

Multi-Functional Coffee Table Your Home Need

A shining, futuristic, and sleek table that serves as a sound system, refrigerator, party hub, storage space and coffee table next to your couch.

Fridge inside

The built-in fridge can hold up to 68 cans of beer. It can also hold plenty of juice, salad and snacks and did we mention wine? You can now sip on a brew and listen to Billie Eilish without ever leaving the couch.

Party Hub

With the glowing LED table top, you can watch a halo of LEDs phase, pulse, and shine with the rhythm of the music.

Also, experience the rich sound of your favourite music with the built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers. Pair Coosno to your smartphone app and play the music from your phone. 


Two wireless charging pads are built-in to the top of the Coosno and the drawer below respectively. There is also built-in outlets for laptop, smartphone, and other devices, 2 USB 3.0 ports within the drawer so that saves you from the messy wires.

Voice Assistant

You could command the cooler to pop up or wind down without standing up from your couch. With built-in Google assistant, get a hands-free help around the house from Coosno!

Usage Scenes

Living Room | Bedroom | Party

Living Room


Party Hub

Coosno is Available in Two Sizes

Coosno Home with a 20 inches (50cm) diameter table-top costs at $299, and Coosno Bar with the 28 inches (70cm) diameter costs at $399. Both versions have 2 color options: Grey and White.

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